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47 Higher Cadewell Lane , Torquay , Devon ,TQ2 7EX

United Kingdom

Reg Number 06591353 (United Kingdom) VAT number 915 2781 21

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Rob Sandover

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Conbar UK LTD is a Dredging Design and

Research Company with over 35 years

experience in the dredging field, and has a

world wide reputation -


  • Conbar UK LTD was formed to provide a service, not only to new clients, but to look after the interests of existing customers that we have been associated with over the many years that we have been in the dredging industry.
  • Both of Conbar UK LTD Directors spent over 25 years each, working for Conbar International as designers under the watchfull eye of the original founder who was responsable for partly building Ponsharden Shipyard in Penryn, Cornwall ,where many of Conbar International's Cutter Suction Dredgers were built ( some of which are still operating today) along with barges and pontoons.

Dredge Marine's Ponsharden Shipyard as seen in mid 1970's Penryn, Cornwall

  • It's UK designed equipment successfully operates in many areas of the world including areas of Africa, Australia, The Middle East, India, South America, Europe,and The United Kingdom.


Please click image for details of some of Conbar's Dredgers built over the years


  • Conbar UK LTD offers the following standard range of products:-





Conbar UK LTD

can also offer a tailor-made service to meet

your requirements using the skills obtained in

the many different dredging scenarios that

have been experIenced in the history of

Conbar International.

Please click image for details of some of Conbar's Special Projects undertaken over the years






  • Original Designs

  • Fully Qualified Designers and Engineers

  • Research and Development

  • Site Supervision

  • Manufacturing Supervision

  • Commissioning

  • Spares Supply and Engineering Backup

  • Full Design Responsibility




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