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Conbar flo-pipe ©


Old Pontoon based dredge float pipeline systems are gradually being replaced by clients using the Conbar Flo-pipe system .



...and gaining the rewards and benifits from having a pipeline that is easily maintained and not susceptable to high winds



Old style pipeline pontoons


benefits of using conbar flo-pipe ©

  • Very durable and with continued buoyancy if damaged, thereby reducing dredger down time.
  • Pipe can be rotated to give even wear rate with modules insitu.Less expense both from capital cost and maintenance cost.
  • Speed of assembly and disassembly.
  • Can be pre-assembled around a length of pipe and towed to site.
  • Easier to transport and lighter to handle.
  • Increased flexibility for changing pipeline lengths.
  • Other possible uses:-
  • To float telephone or power cables while assembling or laying over water
  • Supporting other service pipes, water, fuel etc.
  • If damage has occurred by misuse,each module can be interchanged without breaking the pipeline or stopping the dredging operation.
  • Conbar Flo-Pipe © cannot be tipped over like pontoon based floatation systems, therefore eliminating downtime in up-righting the pontoons.



Preparing Conbar Flo-Pipe © for Operation






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