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conbar 'flo-pipe'©

dredge float

technical details.



Conbar Flo-pipe© is available in many standard sizes to suit outside diameters of steel or hdpe plastic pipe

from 6 " (152mm) up to 32" (800mm) .

Optional colours are available to those shown.
Other sizes can be made available upon request.



Conbar - Flopipe© floating pipeline
Made with MDPE and optionally filled

with closed cell foam (min 90%) to

prevent water ingress if damage to

outer casing occures, due to

accidental damage.

Floats can be formed in a variety of

colours & sizes to suit customer



Technical specification



Ultra Violet Protection
The Formulation is manufactured to give an

8 year protected UV life.



Free Rise Density 36.8 kg/m3

Compressive Strength 240 kpa
Tensile Strength 300 kpa
Closed Cell Content 90 % min
Thermal Conductivity 0.019 w/mk
Water Absorbtion (7 days) 0.30 kg/m3
Fire Retardency BS 4735 Less than 125 mm



Flo-pipe© can operate in any wave height.

The only restriction will be that of the pipeline and its flexibility.

ie how many flexibles or ball joints you have in between the

ridged pipeline.

The modules are manufactured using the same techniques

as navigation and mooring buoys,which are deployed throughout

the world in many different environments.




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